Thursday, September 10, 2009

Food log: Thursday September 10

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk - groceries
PB&J sandwich, milk

Bite of the pulled pork that cooked while I slept last night
Pulled pork that cooked while I slept!
Pulled pork is SO EASY to make in the crock pot. You put the meat in, cover it with your favorite sauce and cook on a low setting for 10 hours. In the morning, you have falling-of-the-bone meat ready for sandwiches or to serves with polenta, mashed potatoes, veggies...

Grapes and a Diet Coke I brought from home
Grapes and a Diet Coke from home

Sushi, spicy mayo and Orangina from Sushi Shop - $17.10
Sushi shop meal, Orangina - 417.10

Blue corn chips with sour cream - groceries
corn chips and sour cream - groceries

Pulled pork, tomatoes, red bell pepper and sour cream
Homecooked pulled pork, tomato, red bell pepper, sour cream

Money spent on food today: $17.10

Make it for cheap: bagged veggies

This huge bunch of leeks cost $4.99
This huge bunch of leeks cost $4.99

This small 250g bag of bagged, pre-cut leeks cost $2.99

It took me about 10 minutes to wash, cut and bag the big bunch of leeks. I now have three 600g bags of veggies ready for stews, soups and quiches.
Removing the dry outer part
Wash well
The precut, bagged leeks may contain salt and preservatives.
My own, fresh version contains: leeks
It's simple maths, really. If you have the time and room in your freezer, why not bag your own? It's cheaper and healthier!