Saturday, August 29, 2009

Throwing away stuff sucks

Cleaning out the fridge... I hate throwing away stuff

One of the pitfalls of living alone is that you often get stuck with leftovers you just can't find use for in time. This week, I threw away 4 egg whites that were turning on me, tomato sauce gone loco and a bit of old creamed spinach I was to scared to eat. Thats's why I need a stand-alone freezer so bad. All of the stuff I put in the garbage today could have been frozen! It's not just about money here; I feel like crap for wasting food.

The people at Get Rich Slowly have a good article on the subject of the money they are saving using a stand-alone freezer, it's worth a read. I have enough room in one of my walk-in closet to put a freezer in, but there's no electric outlet in there, so I guess a visit from my electrician is in order first...

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