Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food log: Tuesday, September 29

So it's official: the chefs at work are fattening us up for some kind of ritualistic sacrifice. Or they are just really nice. But more on that later, let's start with breakfast.

Toasts and orange splash water at home
Toast and orange water at home

Tea from the bistro - free
Tea from the bistro - free

For lunch, I had a magnificent bento meal!
bento lunch
Click on the picture to see the descriptive notes. I also had some unsweetened apple sauce.

Dessert was a pilfered cupcake from the bistro
Cupcake from the bistro - free
It was awesome. The icing had real strawberries in it. It counts as a fruit serving, right?

Today's snack from the bistro was Rice Krispies treats.
Rice Krispy treat at the Bistro - free

Post-pool dinner was pizza
slice of pizza at home
Not pictured: vegetables. Because I suck and was to tired to cook any.

And industrial dessert was also consumed in the form of a mini ice cream sandwich
Mini ice cream sandwich at home

So all in all: not my best day, health-wise. But tasty!

Money spent on food: 0

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