Thursday, September 10, 2009

Food log: Thursday September 10

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk - groceries
PB&J sandwich, milk

Bite of the pulled pork that cooked while I slept last night
Pulled pork that cooked while I slept!
Pulled pork is SO EASY to make in the crock pot. You put the meat in, cover it with your favorite sauce and cook on a low setting for 10 hours. In the morning, you have falling-of-the-bone meat ready for sandwiches or to serves with polenta, mashed potatoes, veggies...

Grapes and a Diet Coke I brought from home
Grapes and a Diet Coke from home

Sushi, spicy mayo and Orangina from Sushi Shop - $17.10
Sushi shop meal, Orangina - 417.10

Blue corn chips with sour cream - groceries
corn chips and sour cream - groceries

Pulled pork, tomatoes, red bell pepper and sour cream
Homecooked pulled pork, tomato, red bell pepper, sour cream

Money spent on food today: $17.10

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