Thursday, September 24, 2009

Food log: Thursday September 24

PB toasts and milk at home
PB toast and milk at home

Tea from the bistro - free
Tea from the bistro - free
Drank it all before thinking of taking a pic. Sorry.

Banana from the bistro - free
I usualy like my banana more on the green side of life. This one was a bordeline reject. I other news, have I told you about my band, The Bordeline Rejects?

Lamb curry, rice, grilled veggies, cucumber salad, banana cake, lemonade from the bistro - $6
Lamb curry, rice, cucumber salad, banana cake, lemonade from the bistro - $6
This was one of those meals that had everyone going "yum yum yum nom nom nom yum yum" around the communal table.

And these are our amazing chefs, Marie-Andrée and François!
Our chefs!
Fantastic meal, guys. Really: wow.

In the afternoon, this is the one email you are always happy to get:
The mail email of the day!
There was nuts, dried fruits, a snack mix, M&M and jelly beans. I picked the latter
Jelly beans from the bistro - free
Best in show goes to the caramel popcorn one.

Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
Diet Coke from the machine $1.25

Back from the pool, I was in the mood for a kid's meal.

Oven-baked corn dogs, Smiles potatoes and fennel salad
Corn dogs, Smiles, fennel salad at home
Smiles are a guilty pleasure of mine, probably because you can do this with them to make them look like bleeding maniacs.
Gore Food

Money spent on food today: $7.25

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