Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food log: Tuesday, September 17

Peanut butter tartine and milk
PB tartine and milk at home

Celery-bacon soup with bacon and sour cream, carrots, vegetable cocktail from home
Biscuits from the bistro
Diet Coke from the vending machine ($1.25)
Carrots, celery-bacon soup with sour cream, biscuits, veggie juice from home, Diet coke ($1.25)
The soup reheated really well and was very filling. I love having soup for lunch. I just don't do it often because I am always afraid my dish will suddenly open in my bag and my stuff will get soupy. And who wants soupy stuff? Nobody, that's who.

Earl Grey from the bistro
Earl Grey from the bistro - free

Snack attack - $2.50
Snack attack - $2.50
This gave me a bad case of Vinegar Hands.

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas at home
Meat loaf, mashed spuds, peas at home
I like to cook meatloaf, slice it and freeze individual portions. I was FAMISHED when I got back from the pool tonight, so I popped one out of the freezer and devoured it.

Fresh peach from groceries
fresh peach from groceries
This was fuzzyyummydrippalicious.

Money spent on food today: $3.75

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