Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food log: Tuesday, September 8

Waffles and OJ - groceries
waffles and OJ
I seem to get in a groove with breakfast. I'll eat cereals for 5 days straight, then stop because I ran out of milk. Then I'll eat waffles until the Eggo box is empty. I guess I like no-brainers in the wee hours of morning.
Morning Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
Morning Diet Coke - 1.25
Jam from a San Francisco hippie farm - a gift from Jessica
Jam - a gift from Jessica!
I told you: people just love to give me jam, for some reason. This one looks mighty tasty. (Thanks Jessica !) P.S.: what the heck is an olallieberry? I think I'll just call this "vowell jam".

Leftovers from last night
Lunch was yesterday's leftovers
I actually brought the beverage from home. This vending machine nonsense has to stop!

Afternoon tea from the bistro - free
Earl Grey tea from the bistro

Schoolgirl-style cheese sandwich - groceries
Schoolgir-style cheese sandwich
I got home from work and picking paint color with my brother at his new condo at 8pm, famished and too tired to cook. This was a scenario made for white trash carbs.

Honey tartine - groceries
Honey tartine

I also picked up milk, eggs and bread from the corner store ($9.37). The guy who runs it is funny. He yells his welcomes and goodbyes, but in a very friendly way, in French but with a thick Chinese accent and lots of good cheer. "BONNE JOURN√ČE! MERCI BEAUCOUP!" I freaking love him.

Money spent on food today: $10.62

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