Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, September 23

I hope you all had a delicious day!

Same breakfast as yesterday, at home
Toast with cream cheese, grapefruit juice
Yay for routine!

Jasmine tea from the bistro - free
Tea from the bistro - free

Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
Diet Coke from the vending machine $1.25
What do you want from me? There was no more Earl Grey in the tea drawer. I HAD to get some caffeine in me.

Leftover pasta and grapes for lunch
Leftovers and grapes from home

Fred's dessert from the bistro - free
Fred's apricot clafoutis - free

Fred rarely eats his dessert. Fred gave it to me. Fred is very happy that he made the blog today. Yay Fred!

"Ants on a log" snack from the bistro - free
Ants on a log from the bistro - free
A good, healthy snack. I once had a very nice twist on this dish at Chicago's Moto . Instead of celery, they used a carved piece of Japanese pear. It was filled with foie gras and covered with rum-soaked raisins.
Childhood favorite, revisited

Sausage bun and coconut bun from Harmony in Chinatown - $4
Sausage bun from harmonie bakery in Chinatown - $2
Coconut cream bun from Harmony bakery - $1
I took the long way back home and crossed Chinatown, so I could not resist stopping at the Asian bakery for some delicious buns. I also had a bit of leftover fennel salad, but forgot to take a picture.

Money spent on food today: $5.25

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