Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food log: Sunday, October 25

What better way to start the day than with a full breafast? Yum.

Waffles, eggs, orange 
Waffles, orange and eggs with maple syrup

In the pm, I went to the theatre to see Zombieland with Marc.
Hot-dog - $3.79 (outrageous!!!!)
Big hot-dog at the movies - $3.79

Soda - $4.50 (crazy!!!)
Soda at the movies - $4.50
I usualy bring my own contraband drink but forgot. These prices are just ridiculous.

Popcorn - $5.45 (insane!!!)
Popcorn at the movies - $5.45

Back home, after a bit of shopping, I made a little dinner starting with a cream sauce prepared with tomato paste, herbs, capers, parmesan cheese and a bit of my onion confit.
Making a sauce for a gnocchi dish

As a starter, I had a bowl of my pumpkin soup drizzled with a bit of truffle oil.
Pumpkin soup with truffle oil
Then, gnocchi with my sauce and some parm on top.
Gnocchi with tomato and capers cream sauce I made

And the second-to-last cookie.
C is for cookie

By the way, I am well aware that I eat way, way to much carbs. I think it's because I have bears in my family. Winter is coming after all.

Money spent on food today: $13.74

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