Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, october 14

Bagel and a V8 from pasta café - $5
Cream chees ebagel and V8 from Pasta café - $5 with tip
I love vegetable juice in the morning. Salty!

Tea from the bistro - free
tea from the bistro - free
I usualy go get my tea at around 9:30 AM. There is usualy only a few cups left. Today, the shelves were empty, so I had to make do with one of the "island of lost toys" cups, rejected random cups hidden in Said's (our awesome kitchen helper) secret drawer.

Pasta and yogurt from home, Diet Pepsi from the vending machine ($1.25), fruit from the bistro (free)
Primavera pasta and yogourt from home, fruit from the bistro, soda ($1.25)

Doritos and a Diet Coke - $2.50
snack attack - $2.50

Laughing cow cheese
Laughing cow cheese piece

Sheppard's pie and a salad
Sheppard's pie and a salad

Bottle of red wine - free
bottle of wine - a gift from James
My friend and neighbor James, who is awesome and always gives me lifts to Ikea and picks me up at the airport in his silver New Beetle, gave me a bottle of wine because he is going away for five months and needed someone to pick up his mail. He has no pets or plants and I can do this in my pajamas (he lives in my building), so I think I am obviously the winner in this equation.

Money spent on food today: $3.75

psssst: party at James' on November 25th ;)

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