Saturday, November 21, 2009

food log: Friday, november 20

Oatmeal from home, eaten at work
Oatmeal from home, eaten at work
Tea from the bistro - free
Tea from the bistro - free

The bistro lunch was smoked meat, one of the only things I can't eat. So Jessica and I went to Tokyo for some Japanese grub.

Miso soup
Miso soup
Tempura shrimp and veggies
Tempura appetizer
Maki and sashimi lunch
Sashimi and maki lunch
The smallest carrot stick in the History of Ever
Jessica's miniature carrot stick... not eaten :0)

Lunch at Tokyo was $34 including tip

On our way back home, Jessica told me that at first, she tought this snow flag was street art. Can you tell she grew up under the Miami sun? Beach nerd!
This is not street art, Jessica! :)

In the afternoon, the bistro had my favorite snack

Popcorn and gummy bears from the bistro - free
Snack in the bistro (free) - popcorn and gummy bears

Back home, I was in the mood for a cocktail and was inspired to create one in honour of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, the neighbourhood I live in. This place has humble oginins and it's the land of "do what you can with what you have". I had clementines, so it was the base of my inspiration.

I called it the HoMartini!
making my HoMartini

3 parts Absolut Mandrin
2 parts clementine juice
1 part simple syrup
Cherry to garnish

The clementine juice was freshly squeezed.
Freshly squeezed!
Shake on ice
perfectly shaked!
Pour in a martini glass
Pouring the HoMartini
Garnish with a cherry
The HoMartini

Dinner was lemon chicken, Brussel sprouts and carrots
Lemon chicken, carrots, Brussel sprouts
I marinated the chicken all day in lemon oil, Herbes de Provence, pepper, balsamic vinegar and garlic.

I also had a nice cold beer from what Martin left behind last week. Thanks Martin!

London Pride beer - free
London Pride, left behind by Martin
And here is the perfect pour.
The perfect pour

Money spent on food: $34

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