Thursday, November 5, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, November 4

November 4 is Sid Lee Day at the office. That means we are not allowed to work but we can't stay home. So we get a full day of fun activities like chair massage, comedy dance class, yoga, pilates, boxing class, a poker tournament, a Rock Band/DJ Hero game room, painting and drawing classes, street hockey and at the end of the day, a huge party.

Of all days to forget my camera, I chose this one.

So because I can't dissapoint my readers, I have made a composite of images that kind of represent what the day looked like. It's pretty accurate.

Money spent on food today: $7 for a late light poutine.


  1. Is your office hiring!? Sounds like fun:)

  2. You can always check out the job postings under "carrers" :)

  3. I'm afraid the commute would be a touch much:) I'm in California...thanks though!