Sunday, November 8, 2009

Food log: Saturday, November 7

Waffles, eggs, maple syrup, milk
Eggs, waffles, maple syrup,  milk
I looove having milk in a frosty pint!

Chicken sandwich
Chicken sandwich

I had a grocery delivery in the morning ($110 including tip)
I had to go to the store for last minute purchases ($10.56)

Deviled egg (or two)
Making devileded eggs and eating a few!
I was preparing food for the pot luck I was having at my house that night.
Who can resist eating deviled eggs? Not I my friends. Not I.

Then later, the pot luck started. I was too busy playing hostess to take pictures of every dish, but let's just say that my friends delivered a feast!

Véro's chorizo-stuffed dattes
Véro's dattes stuffed with cheese and chorizo

My eggs and stuffed mushrooms
My deviled eggs
Geneviève's goat cheese balls
Genevièves goat cheese balls
Geneviève cold pumpkin soup shots, Onno's Dutch cheese, Véro's pita chips, guacamole I bought
Food starting to pill up on the pot luck table
Véro brought a bottle of Rose's, so Gimlets were prepared
A delicious gimlet
Sarah and Gabriel's ham and turkey hors-d'oeuvres 
Sarah and Gab's spinach and cheese ballots
Lindsay's chowder
Lindsay's chowder

Mélanie and Daniela's tuna and avocado tartare
Melanie and Daniela's tuna tartare

Many delicious dishes are missing, such as Heather and Gab's crudités with dill dip and a key lime pie; Annie's pear and almond tart; Josiane and Claude's beet and corn salad and proscuitto-wrapped dattes; and Ellen's yummy cheese with baguette.

Oh also: many, many bottles of wine. Hic! A jolly good time was had by all.

Pretty Melanie
With Joel

Daniela and Heater

Money spent on food today: $120.56

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