Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Food log: Monday, December 7

Oatmeal from home, tea from the bistro
Oatmeal from home, free tea from the bistro

Nuts from the bistro - free
Pistachios from the bistro - free

At noon, we got called in to the bistro for a champagne toast. We won Agency of the Year! Martin gave us a lovely speech and we all cheered!
We won Agency of the Year! Woohoo!
Martin shares his excitment with us!
A cheer to Sid lee
Two flutes of champagne - free
Glass of champagne from the bistro - free

For lunch, I had the schoolkid's special.
Carrots, PB sandwich, fruit salad, V8
Tootsie roll from the bistro - free
Tootsie roll
Tea and an apple from the bistro - free
tea and an apple from the bistro - free
Crunchy things from the bistro, shared with Véro - free
snack from the bistro shared with Véro - free

Then a bunch of us packed into Laurent's car and drove to Boutique Point G for a macaron event! I ate at least one of each flavor, plus a yummy strawberry drink. There was a guy in a Darth Vader suit making frozen macarons, and I got to meet some of my foodie Tweeter friends (yay!). Let's just say it was a succesfull event.
Un p'tit drink!

mmmm citron
croque croque
Un de plus... Miam!
The force is strong with this one

Back home, I washed up the excess sugar with leftover Chinese food.
Chinese food leftovers at home
Money spent on food today: 0

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