Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Food log: Tuesday, December 1

Ahhh! Finally, December is here!

Cheese toast and tomato juice
Cheese toast and tomato juice
Almonds from home
Goat cheese salad, gnocchi in tomato-herb sauce, 
banana cake with blueberry sauce, lemonade - $6
Goat cheese salad, gnocchi in tomato and herb sauce, banana bread with blueberry sauce, lemonade - $6
Chips and a soda - $2.50
chips and soda - $2.25
sesame rice crackers
Broccoli turnovers, corn
Broccoli turnovers, corn
I have been eating A LOT of those lately. I have no time to cook and it's making me unhappy!

Italian chocolate
Hazelnut chocolate (packaging shown)
Mini Babybel
Mini Babybel
Mini ice cream sandwich
Ice cream sandwich
Wow, I did not realize I snacked so much last night. I guess lack of protein will do that to you. Wheeeeee! Well, I did trim my Chrismast tree for four freakin' hours. I named it Mister Shinypants.
My tree
Tralalalalala lalala la

Money spent on food today: $8.50

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