Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, December 23

Ham and cheese croissant, juice
ham and cheese croissant with grapefruit juice
After breakfast, we set out to start cooking the stew a.k.a. ragoût de pattes de cochon. It's a whole day thing that turns my mom's kitchen into some kind of Tudor-style cookery, where weird beasts are laid to rest.
Our recipe, from Le Pied de cochon book.
Pork legs

The pork had to rest in a salt water bath for 3 hours. By the way, is there a more horrible redesign than what was done to the Windsor salt box? It used to be an icon of Canadian design. What a shame.
Salt for the pork

Tourtière, tomatoes, beer, clementine
Afternoon beer
Tourtière and tomatoes

Buttered bread, veggie juice
Butter tartine, oh yeah
Veggie juice
A quick snack in the PM

Then it was time to make the meatballs.
Making the mix for meatballs
Making meat balls for the stew

Stepdad popped open a few oysters while we had a beer. Yum.
stepdad gives me an oyster
Oyster x 4

With dinner, we had a Saint-Émilion, Château Tertre Daugay grand cru classé, brought back from France by stepdad

Dinner was delicious chicken liver sautéed with balsamic vinegar, served with potatoes and asparagus
Chicken liver, potatoes, asparagus

Oka stuffed with mushrooms and Champfleury cheeses
Oka stuffed with mushroom, champfleury

Richard treated us to a few other parisian delights: Fauchon chocolates and Sauternes with hazelnuts
Pretty Fauchon pink
Fauchon milk chocolate Richard brought back from Paris last week
Fauchon milk chocolate Richard brought back from Paris last week

After dinner, we still had to continue onward with the neverending stew.
onions and pork for the stew
Adding the pearl onions to the stew
dropping it in

San Pellegrino
Bubbly water

Money spent on food today: $0

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