Sunday, January 3, 2010

Food log: Saturday, January 2

Cheese sandwich, orange juice
cheese sandwich, OJ
Honey toast, Diet Coke
Honey toast, Diet COke

In the afternoon, I cooked a little, including frittatas that I froze for easy weekday breakfasts.
They are so easy to make it's ridiculous.
Beat a dozen eggs with thyme (or any herbs you like), salt and pepper
Eggs, thyme, pepper, salt
Pour in a muffin pan sprayed with Pam and add some ground ham (about a teaspoon per frittata)
adding ham
Add some cheese (about a tablespoon per frittata)
Adding cheese
Pop in the oven for 12 minutes at 350 until the frittatas are puffy. They will deflate a bit after a few minutes. 
Puffy frittatas!
I wrap each in cling film then put them in a freezer bag before putting in the freezer. VoilĂ !
Ready for the freezer
Chicken, potatoes, yellow beans, Diet Coke
piece of chicken
chicken, potatoes, beans, Diet Coke

My brother met me for a beer and then we hit Martine's party 3 doors down.
Buffet at Martine's
Buffet at Martine's party
Many shots of Jamieson, shooters with names like "the fluffy smurf" and Gin & Tonics. 
Shooter at Martine's
drinks at Martine's

Money spent on food today: 0

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