Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food log: Thursday, January 12

Muffin, butter, orange juice
Muffin, butter, juice
Diet Coke ($1.25), clementine from the bistro (free)
Diet Coke - $1.25
clementine from the bistro - free
Salmon, sweet potato fries, green beans, vanilla pudding
salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans
Grapes from the bistro - free
grapes from the bistro - free
Doritos, Diet Coke ($2.50)
Diet Coke and Doritos from the machine - $1.25

I made some fresh tortillas and had two courses of quesadillas with chips.
Spicy beef quesadillas, chips, pickles
beef quesadillas, chips, pickles
Cheese quesadillas
Cheese quesadillas

Money spent on food: $3.75

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