Saturday, February 20, 2010

food log: Friday, February 19

Waffles and juice
Waffles and OJ
Diet Coke - $1.25
Coke Diet - $1.25
Vero's boyfriend brought back candy from Japan and she brought two Hello Kitty bags full of goodies to work for me! Mochi balls, Wasabi Kit Kat, Green tea Kit Kat, macha caramels... all in wonderful wrappings.
Japanese candy, gift from Vero and her BF who just came back from Asia
Green tea candy
Green tea candy
Wasabi Kit Kat
Wasabi Kit Kat
Macha mochi
My favorite was the mochi balls, soft and tender and just slightly sweet They are an aquirred taste but I can't get enough.
Lunch was a mexican fiesta. Olé!
Nachos, tacos, salad, pineapple, melon from the bistro - free (it's my birthday so I didn't have to pay!)
nacho pile
The fixings
mmmmmé... Taco day!
Nachos, tacos, salad from the bistro - $6
fruit (bistro meal dessert)

Rice cereal treat - free
rice cereal treat from the bistro - free

After work, I stopped at the SAQ and bakery ($32.40) before heading home for my birthday party, a Jeopardy-themed wine and cheese to-do with some of my friends. We ate cheese, charcuterie, crudités, chips, dnrak bubbly, wine, Kiri and vodka and ate an awesome clue-colored cake made by Jessica.
Trebek, sois béni
Mmmmmm fromages
"What is Charcuterie Alex"

Classic clue
Kiri & vodka
Saucisson épicé
Un cadeau couleur "jeopardy clue"

Money spent on food today: $33.65

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