Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food log: Saturday, February 6

Yogourt, toasts
Toasts and yogourt

I went to Atwater market with my friend Céline to buy stuff for my next Culinary Russian Roulette (an impossible recipe from the Fat Duck book) and some other goodies - $70.96
Baking supplies - $70.96

Atwater cheese shop samples
Cheese sample at Marché Atwater

We stopped at Costco, but I didn't buy anything.
Costco samples - free
Dumpling sample at Costco
Sausage sample at Costco
Jam sample at Costco
Salad, Plein Lune cheese, crackers
Salad, cheese, crackers
In the evening, I went to the latest 2Capricieux night. It's a fun tasting event thrown by a couple of foodies in their own apartment. For 25 bucks and a bottle of wine, you get to nibble on goodies all night and drink wonderful wines chosen by their sommelier friends. It was a huge success. The theme was Japanese food. There was a looooot of good wine, so I drank a little bit of many bottles and came back home a bit tipsy.
Crémant de bourgogne Moingeon 
Crémant de bourgogne Moingeon
Crémant de Limoux cuvée Expression
Crémant de Limoux cuvée Expression
Le meilleur truc pour ne pas perdre son verre
Hugo Grüner Venltlener
Hugo Grüner Veltliner
Miso soup
Soupe au miso
Domaine Guy Allion Sauvignon Touraine
Domaine Guy Allion Sauvignon Touraine 2008
Scallops ceviche with lime zest and spicy mayo
Ceviche de pétonclesDélicieux ceviche de pétoncles à la japonaise
Léon Beyer Riesling and Pinot Gris
Léon Beyer Riesling réserve 2008
Pinot Gris
Tempura chicken with yummy sauce
Poulet tempura
Poulet et sauce
Mmmm ça va être bon!
Gyozas dans leur jolies barquettes
Pinot Noir Bourgogne vieilles vignes
Pinot noir bourgogne vieilles vignes Albert Bichot
Domaine Marcel Deiss Alsace
Domaine Marcel Deiss Alsace 2007
Much needed water
Un peu d'eau, ça fait du bien!
Kamikaze rolls
La préceptorie de Centernach Zoé
La préceptorie de Centernach Zoé 2007
Orange shrimp
Crevette à l'orange
Pressed salmon sushi
Sushis pressés
Tataki beef
Boeuf tataki
Clos du bois Sonoma Réserve pinot noir
Clos du bois Sonoma réserve - Pinot noir
Green tea shortbreads, ready for the oven
Sablés au thé vert

Money spent on food today: $95.96

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