Monday, February 1, 2010

food log: Sunday, January 31

Cheese toasts, tomato juice
Cheese toast, tomato juice
Buns and 2 boxes of potato rösti from Ikea - $6.75
Buns and two boxes of frozen rösti from Ikea - $6.75
Veggies from the market - $10.44 (no pic)

Various breads and rolls, foie gras mousse from Première Moisson - $11.73
Rolls, ciabatta, foie gras mousse - $11.73
Ham sandwich, chips, pickles
Ham sandwich, chips, pickles
With the moose meat Stéphane gave me, I made delicious gourmet burgers using capers, vidalia onions and some duck foie gras mouse.
Making gourmet moose burgers with capers, vidalia onions and foie gras mousse
I had a bit of the mousse on bread
Foie gras on bread
I garnished it with more mousse and onion confit. It was gorgeous, decadent, a pure indulgence.
Moose burger with foie gras and onion confit
I ate it with peppers
Moose burgers and peppers

Money spent on food today: $28.92

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