Friday, February 26, 2010

Food log: Thursday, February 25

Grilled cheese, chocolate milk from Pasta Café - $5
Grilled cheese and chocolate milk from pasta Café - $5
Stroganoff beef, salad, poudding chômeur - $6
Stroganof beef with noodles, salad, lemonade, poudding chômeur

We had a lovely cocktail hour at Sid Lee. We ate, we drank and we watched curling. The food was appropriatly inspired by sport bar food.
"sports bar" cocktail at Sid Lee
Wine at Sid Lee happy hour (free)
Beer at Sid Lee happy hour (free)

beer at Sid Lee happy hour (free)
Stuffed potato skins
Stuffed potato skins at Sid Lee happy hour (free)
Chicken wings
Wings at Sid Lee happy hour (free)
Cheese puffs
Cheese puffs
Mozzarella sticks
Mozzarella sticks at Sid Lee happy hour (free)
Onion rings
Onion rings at Sid Lee happy hour (free)

Wine at Sid Lee
Lots of wine lovers around here...
Tequila shooter
Shot of tequila

I did not eat any, but the chocolate syrup bottle is freaking cute so here it is :
Did not eat this, but it was cute!

Later, I met up with Patrick and Éric for dinner at Les Cons Servent. I really liked that restaurant: it's cozy and original and the portions were the perfect size considering I had more than a few nibbles at happy hour. 

Dinner at Les Cons Servent - $75 including tip

Spicy nuts
Spicy nuts
Frimaio Chianti classico
Frimaio Chianti classico wine
Yellow beet salad with spicy dressing and labneh
Yellow beet salad with spicy dressing and labneh cheese
Horse steak with potatoes, grilled green onion and pear pickles
Horse steak with pear pickles, roasted potatoes and green onion
Apple beignets with salted caramel sauce and bacon
Apple beignets with caramel and bacon
Bacon detail!

Money spent on food today: $86

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