Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food log: Tuesday, February 16

Waffles, milk
waffles and milk

Diet Coke - $1.25 (no pic)

Fish, rice, veggies, salad, chocolate cake from the bistro - $6
fish, wild rice with sesame seeds, remoulade, salade, veggies, chocolate cake - $6
Doritos from the vending machine, limonata from Pasta Café - $3.25
doritos and limonata - $3.25

Véro took me to Le Grillon bar-salon for my b-day. Thanks Véro!

The chef was off, but the manager knows his way around a kitchen and we had a great meal. This place is very cool, so relaxed and welcoming. Plus, it's right next to Papineau metro station on the green line, so it makes for an easy destination to go have a drink with friends after work, no mattter where your work actualy is in the city. And I loooooove that they kept the old-school sign.

Le Grillon bar-salon
Le Grillon bar-salon
Le Grillon bar-salon

I wish we had a bar like that near my house in Hochelaga! There are a few cool spaces available near Ontario and Viau. And with all the new condos getting built and more than 300 people living at the Biscuiterie (my building), the customer base is there. Hint hint, bar owners!

Le Grillon bar-salon - pinte de bière (offerte par Véronique)
Cornish hen
Demi-poulet de Cornouaille avec sauce épicée
Martini à la pomme - offert par Véronique

Money spent on food today: $9.25

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