Tuesday, March 23, 2010

food log: Tuesday, March 23

Toasts and juice
OB toast, OJ
Diet Coke (no pic) - $1.25

Risotto, BLT, melon, lemonade from the bistro - $6
Risotto, BLT, melon, lemonade - $6
Grilled cheese, chocolate milk from Pasta Café - $5.20
Grilled cheese and chocolate milk from Pasta Café - $5.20
Leftover Indian food, tomatoes
Idian leftovers, tomatoes
Oreo cookies and milk.
Milk and Oreo cookies

You can assume that I've been eating those cookies every night this week. I just eat them after I blog and by that time, I'm in such a sugar coma that I can't be bothered to update my entry.

Money spent on food today:$12.45

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