Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food log: Friday, April 16

Diet Coke - 1.25 (no pic)
Niçoise salad and V8 from Cartet ($10.50), free orange from the bistro
Niçoise salad and V8 from Cartet - $10.50, free orange from the bistro
Tea from the bistro - free
tea from the bistro - free
Chips and nibbles from the bistro - free, Diet Coke - 1.25 (no pic)
chips and nibbles from the bistro - free

For dinner, I joined my friend Josiane for some girl time at Salle à Manger. I joked around that I wanted olives in my Hendrick's martini (it's usualy garnished with cucumber slices) so the wonderful waiter came back with my cocktail and... a side of olives! The evening was off to a good start.
Hendrick's martini with a side of olives
My appetizer was a huge crab roll, served with green salad, cole slaw and potato pailles. I had a nice glass of sauvignon blanc with it.
Lobster roll wit cole slaw, green salad and potato pailles
The crab filling was delicious and the roll lightly grilled. The green salad that came with it had some fiddle heads in it, very yummy. The crunchy pailles were perfect with the creamy crab.
I also had a bite of Josiane's flounder sashimi, wonderfully fresh.
Josiane's Flounder sashimi with edamame
The restaurant is festive and fun. I like the simple decor and tables made with recycled bowling alley wood. It's perfect for an evening with friend or a romantic dinner for two. A few local stars were also casualy dinning at the bar, adding to the wow factor.
The tables are made with recycled bowling alley wood

The couple next to us, having a romantic time

As a main, I chose the duck jambonneau and pan-seared foie gras, with a glass of red that tasted like ink (in a good way).
Duck jambonneau and foie gras with roasted veggies
Tender, salty, meaty, delicious.

I could not eat one more bite - except for a taste of Josiane's Panna Cotta
Josiane's Panna cotta
Dinner at Salle à manger was $ 100.92 including 1 cocktail, 2 glasses of wine and tip.

Money spent on food today: $113.92

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