Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food log: Monday, April 19

Toast with cream cheese, grape juice
Cream cheese toast, grape juice
Cashews, Diet Coke ($1.25)
cashews, Diet Coke ($1.25)
Niçoise salad from Cartet (9.88$), Diet Coke ($1.25), apple (free)
Niçoise salad from Cartet ($9.88), Diet Coke ($1.25), apple (free)
I know the price I quote for my salad varies, but that's because sometimes I leave a little tip, and sometimes I don't.

Yes, I know that's an old lady snack. That's why I didn't offer any to our 20 year-old intern. he looked too busy to eat, anyway.
Intern. He was not devoured with the prunes.
Leftover scallops, broccoli turnovers
leftover scallops, broccoli turnivers
Kavli with butter
Kavli and butter

Money spent on food today: $12.43

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