Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food log: Wednesday, April 28

Toast with tofu spread, Perrier
Toast with tofu spread, Perrier

Diet Coke, cashews - $1.25 (no pic)

Turkey salad, honey clementine, crackers
Turkey salad, crackers, honey tangerine
Meanwhile, on the bistro menu...
At the bistro... Pic by Louis-Thomas
I know you miss those, but I'm on a "bringing my lunch, eating salad" streak.
Picture by Louis-Thomas.

Green tea Kit Kat, Wasabi Kit Kat
The last green tea Kit Kat
The last wasabi Kit Kat
Pizza from La Belle Place - $15 with large tip
Bacon pizza from La belle place - $15 with tip

Money spent on food today: $16.25

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