Saturday, May 15, 2010

Food log: Saturday, May 15

Peanut butter sandwich, Diet Coke
PB sandwich, Diet Coke
Today, I went on a bus tour to Muir Woods and Sonoma wine country. We first stopped at Muir woods. I did not eat this banana slug, but it looked juicy. Eek!
I did not eat this juicy banana slug at Muir Woods
I did buy Second Breakfast at the gift shop.
Honey cornbread and Jarritos mandarin soda - $6
Jarritos mandarin soda at Muir Woods gift shop
Honey cornbread from Muir Woods gift shop
The soda was made with real sugar and tasted like Orange Crush from the seventies.

We then headed to Sonoma for wine tasting. The first stop was Jacuzzi, where I tasted 7 wines and many of the olive oils they press on site. It's one of the newer wineries and has an italian flair. 
I bought a bottle of their barbera and some lime olive oil - $41.16 with 15% tour discount
tasting at Jacuzzi
tasting at Jacuzzi
Tasting at Jacuzzi
Oil tasting at Jacuzzi
Grissini at Jacuzzi wine tasting
We stopped near a park in Sonoma where a lot of shops and restaurant are, and had a free fudge and cheese tasting at The Sonoma Cheese Factory. 
Cheese tasting
Fudge tasting
nice font, haha!
I got a sandwich and some chips for my lunch and ate half as I watched the kids play in the park. I also picked up peanut butter and chocolate and mint-chocolate fudge. It's already half-gone. I'll leave it at that!

PB and chocolate, mint chocolate fudge

Hot salami and jack cheese sandwich, chips, fudge, Diet Coke - $19 at the Sonoma Cheese factory

hot salami and jack sandwich

After lunch, we drove to Kunde, a lovely winery with caves hidden in the hills. They practice sustainable growing and have wonderful, lush grounds with flowers everywhere, a fountain and a pond. I tasted 5 more wines and a port. The sun was shining, dogs were swimming in the pond, and all was well with he world.
The cave door at Kunde
Our tasting hostess
Pouring out the overflow
Tasting at Kunde
Visiting the caves at Kunde
I bought a bottle of the Sauvignon blanc - $13.90 with 15% tour discount

Our last stop was Homewood, a very small operation with a farm-like feel. The hostess was super cordial and shared a lot of stories about the local wine industry and the impact trends and the economy have on the production. They buy all of their grapes from local growers and do not have their own vines. We tasted 5 wines, a port, chocolate and olive oil.

The tasting lineup at Homewood
I got a HUGE pour on the Chardonnay
Flying Wizzbangers (Homewood)
Homewood Petite Syrah 2007 El Dorado
Olive oil tasting at Homewood
I bought a bottle of the Petite Syrah and a bottle of the Flying Wizzbanger - $43.60

For dinner, I hopped on a cable car to California street and headed for the Tonga Room, one of the last classic Tiki lounges in America. Get there if you can if you are visiting San Francisco and are into kitsch and stiff cocktails, as there are rumours that Fairmount, owner of the hotel it's located in, is thinking of closing it to make room for luxe condos. 
Tonga Room sign
The place was packed and people were having tons of fun. I was there alone, but became fast friend with a couple that was sitting next to me (the stiff drinks helped). There's a dance floor shaped like a ship and the bands comes on a boat that floats in as rain pours from the ceiling. I personally think that the city needs to landmark this gem, pronto.
With my menu at Tonga Room
Zombie cocktail
Zombie at Tonga Room
Zombie garnish at Tonga Room
Coconut shrimp
Coconut shrimps at Tonga Room
Rice crakers
rice snack at Tonga Room
Mai Tai cocktail
Mai Tai at Tonga room
Mai Tai at Tonga room
Shredded coca-cola braised pork in lettuce cups 
coca-cola pulled pork in lettuce cups at Tonga Room
And lots of dancing!
New friends :)
Dancing with Kevin at Tonga Room
I wish I had tried more cocktails, but like I said, they packed a bang. 
Dinner at Tonga Room was 76.13 with large, drunken tip and cover charge
Money spent on food today: $199.79

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