Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Food log: Tuesday, May 18

I woke up too late to have breakfast since wanted to go for a burger at lunch, so I headed to the Farmer's market on an empty stomach. My appetizer was lots of free samples.

Kettle corn sample
Kettle corn at Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market
Brittle sample
Brittle at Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market
cherry at Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

I went to Gott's for a delicious, greasy, yummy all-american lunch.

Mr. Pibb
Mr. Pibb at Gott's
Bacon cheeseburger
Bacon cheeseburger at Gott's
Chili cheese fries
Chili cheese fries at Gott's

Lunch at Gott's was $19 including tip.

Vitamin water at Sutro Baths - $1.75
Vitamin water at Sutro Baths - $1.75

Sapporo from the liquor store - $6.99
Sapporo from liquor store - $6.99

I had my last dinner at Millenium, a very chic vegan restaurant. The food was ok, but the portion were huge and I would have liked to be advised of the situation when I ordered. Such a waste!
Bread and lentil spread
Lentil-dill spread, bread at Millenium
Vegan = no butter for the bread. This was really tasty, with lots of dill.
Carpet rider cocktail
Carpet rider at Millenium
The rim is fennel sugar
Sparkling water
Sparkling water at Millenium
The salt was pretty
pink salt at Millenium
Roasted potatoes
Roasted potato with spicy dip at Millenium
See what I mean about portion size? This was clearly meant to be shared.
Fava bean flatbread
Lima bean flatbread at Millenium
Good beans, bitter garnish.
Grilled polenta with vegan chorizo, baby carrots, chard, artichokes and an almond garnish
Polenta and vegan chorizo, veggies, almond garnish at Millenium

Meanwhile, the regulars were ordering a lot of little dishes (like my potato dish) and shared. This seems like the smart thing to do. I have to say the place also looked beautiful. I'm sorry I can't reccomend this restaurant more. I guess if you are vegan, this is really, really good. I'm just a butter nazi, I guess.

Dinner at Millenium was $56 including tip.

Money spent on food today: $83.74

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