Friday, July 23, 2010

food log: Friday, July 23

Cheese toast and soda
cheese toast and soda
Banana from the bistro - free
Banana from the bistro - free
Soda - $1.25
Soda - $1.25
For lunch, I went to Otto, W Montreal's restaurant. I won a gift certificate for two, so I invited my friend Caro. It was good and the terrasse was nice.
Olive bread
olive bread and butter and Otto
Fried shrimp roll with mango
Spring roll at Otto
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon blanc at Otto
Pork chop with veggies
Prok chop with veggies at Otto
veggies at Otto
Almond ice-cream cookie
Biscotto con gelato e mandrole at Otto
Chocolate-covered almonds and banana chips from the bistro (free, did not eat all of that)
Chocolate bananas and almonds from the bistro - free
At work, it was Beer Friday! (free)
beer at work - free
I was not very hungry for dinner and had cheese curd, toast and lemonade
cheese curd
Money spent on food today: $1.25

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