Sunday, July 4, 2010

food log: Saturday, July 3

Eggs in the hole, cherries
cherries, eggs-in-the-hole
A little stop at the market ($27) - friends were coming over 
Another stop at the market - $27
Cracker and pâté while cooking
craker and pâté
Pâté and bubbly (brought by Anne-Marie. She also gave me a bottle of white wine)
Pâté, bottle of bubbly (brought by Anne-Marie), foie gras pâté, baguette
Lemon-panko chicken, garden carrots, backed potato with dill butter
lemon fried chicken, garden carrots, baked potato with dill butter
Then Eric came over with a bootle of red and we drank it while watching the fireworks (no pic).
We also had a Campari and soda while watching La Soirée Canadienne.
Campari and soda
Then we had an ice cream social
It looked a little like this.

Money spent on food today: $27

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