Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food log: Sunday, July 25

FINALLY I went to Dim Sum in Montréal with a bunch of friends from work. I can't believe it took so long. I've been here for 18 years!! My friend Laurent chose the spot, a place called Kam Fung that he and his bride-to-be love. It was awesome. We all went into a feeding frenzy as soon as we sat down.

We picked plates after plates and it all came down to $18 a head, tip included. Delicious AND cheap! 
Dim Sum at Kim Fung
I don't know the real name of every dish for sure, so I'm just going to quickly describe all the tasty bits we ate.
Shrimp "sheet" dumpling
Shrimp "sheet" dumpling
Pork and shrimp "crepe" dumplings
Pork and shrimp crepes
Crab ball
Crab ball
Spare rib, fried shrimps and green veggies
Fried shimp and veg
Fried shrimp dumpling with mayonnaise-type sauce
Shrimp dumpling
Peanut and pork dumpling
Shrimp dumplings
Sweet crispy dough
Sweet crispy rolls
Fried fish
Fried fish in nori (I think?)
Sesame balls with red bean paste
fried bean buns with sesame seeds
Fried chicken rolls
Chicken egg rolls
After dim sum, I went to the movies to see Inception and had a large, overprized soda - $5.24
Cola at the movies (Inception) - $5.24
Dinner was a cheese sandwich and a cupcake
cheese sandwich, cola
Cupcake by Nougat et Nectarine
Money spent on food today: $23.24


  1. Wow... was this your first time having Dim Sum? I'm surprised too. It seems like you're a food expert and have tried just about everything ;-)

    Dim Sum is fun to try for sure. There are a lot of different types of things. Of course there are some things that I won't try like chicken feet. But, if you're adventurous you can even try them. I know quite a few Asians will eat them.

    Have a good week - Jeff =)

  2. No no no, it was my first time in Montreal. I went a bunch of times in Toronto, Vancouver and even San Francisco. :)

  3. Ah... okay... I should have figured as much. I suspected you must have had just about every type of food under the sun at least one time or another =)

    Take care ~