Thursday, July 15, 2010

food log: Thursday, July 15

Cheese toast, soda from Pasta Café - $3.75
soda and cheese toast from pasta café - $3.75
Sheppard's pie, salad, cake from the bistro - $6
sheppard's pie, salad, cake from the bistro - $6
Soda and chips - $2.50
spda and chips - $2.50
Berries and whipped cream from bistro - free
berryes and whipped cream from the bistro - free
Nibbles and a cola at Uranium V.I.P. event
soda at Uranium VIP party
nibbles at Uranium VIP party
Hawaiian pizza from Miami Deli - $15 with tip
hawaiian pizza - $15

Money spent on food today: $27.25

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