Sunday, August 22, 2010

Food log: Sunday, August 22

Croissants and Sunny D from Première Moisson - $3.80
Croissant and sunny D from Première Moisson - $3.80

A lot of fresh vegetables, meat, breads and cheese from Marché Maisonneuve - $62

Groceries from marché Maisonneuve - $62

Rosemary bread, goat tomme cheese, tomatoes 
goat tome cheese, tomatoes, bread

I made chicken stock with leftovers veggies and all the chicken scraps I save in the freezer from week to week.
making chicken stock with chicken carcass I saved in the freezer
I made pork chops and veggies for freezer lunches
Making pork chops and veggies for freezer lunches
I made hummus
Made hummus dip
I also made beef shanks in the crock pot
Making beef shanks in the crockpot
As you can see, it was a rainy day. My fridge is now super full!

At five, I went down for cocktails and nibbles at Patrick and Nikki's. I had a martini, crackers, hummus I brought, baked cheese, grapes, almonds and olives.
Martini and nibbles at Patrick and Nikki's
baked cheese at Patrick and Nikki's
Later, I had a few ears of corn with butter.
corn on the cob
Aaah the taste of summer.

Money spent on food today: $62

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