Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food log: Saturday, September 19

Today was a great day as it was my first ever visit to Montreal's Comic-Con, a low key event full of comics (duh), Superman nerds, toys, sci-fi geeks, graphicl novel authors, guys in trooper costumes and jail-bait girls in gothloli wear. It was awesome. And I also got to shake hands with Lou Ferrigno, The Hulk himself! He had a grip of steel. Good thing I had a solid breakfast!

Egg and bacon sandwich at home
Bacon and egg sandwich with grapefruit juice at home

Vitamine Water - $2.50
Vitamin Water - $2.50

I got back home at 2pm, not very hungry, so I nibbled while doing chores.

Piece of cheese at home
Swiss Knight cheese

Carrots at home

Cookie at home

When dinner came, it was time for some delicious take out. Hey, it's Saturday!

Indian dinner for two - $35 including tip
Indian dinner for two - $35 with tip

But the highlight of my day wasn't dinner. It was meeting Chewbacca! Woah!
My new boyfriend

Money spent on food today: $37.50

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