Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food log: Sunday, September 20

So how are your allergies on this fine september day? Mine are killing me and there is no more meds in my house. I still went for a walk outside, as I had plans to fill the freezer with vegetables and fruits today. So I went to Maisonneuve market and came back with about 50 pounds of produce, plus some olive oil, bread, hoisin sauce, organic apple sauce and organic instant oatmeal. Total: $72.59.
back from the market with $48.48 less in my pocket

I also got a delivery from IGA, as I was low on Perrier and meat, stuff I buy in bulk. I took advantage of this order to fill the freezer with a few goodies (ice ream sandwich, anyone?). I think I will be ok for a while there. No more food shopping. I am ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. The IGA order came to $177 with tip.

Breakfast: flax pancakes with Reese chipits and bacon, milk - at home

Flax pancakes with Reese Chipits

Flax pancakes
Flax pancakes with chipits and syrup, bacon, milk

BLT at home

Apple at home
Apple at home

Steak, mashed potatoes and corn
Mashed potatoes, corn, steak at home

Honey toast
Honey toast

So, I worked all afternoon on the "Fill the freezer" project. I washed, cut, blanched, peeled and Ziplocked until I was left with a ton of green beans, yellow beans, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, corn, strawberries and peaches ready to be eaten when the colder months come by. Yippee!
Getting beans ready for the freezer
Feezing veggies
Packing the freezer

Of course, my cat could not resist playing her favorite "let's bug Eve" game: begging for a bean, playing with it for about an hour and hiding it in my bed covers.
Waiting for a bean to play with

Money spent on food today: $249.59

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