Thursday, September 3, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, September 2

Cereals and OJ, again - groceries
Cereals and juice - from groceries
cat snack
The cat enjoyed the leftover milk when I was done.

Tea (they filled the drawer!) and clementines from the bistro - free
Tea and clementine from the bsitro - free

Lentil soup, salami panini, salad and berry mousse from the bistro - $6

Lentil soup, salami panini, salad lemonade and berry mousse from the bistro - $6

Lemon square - from groceries
Lemon square leftover I had brought to work
OK, I lied. We had some still at my desk. I also had a Diet Coke ($1.25)

A few corn chips - from groceries
corn chips

Baked salmon, green beans and beet salad - groceries
green beans, baked salmon and beet salad
They say the secret to health is a colourful plate! Epic win here, obviously.

I also made a peach pie from scratch, but I didn't have a piece, opting for the cinnamon-raisin rolls I made with the leftover dough instead.
Cinnamon pie rolls made from scratch

Money spent on food today: $7.25


  1. I like your blog... Very interesting! Et je suis une ancienne habitante d'Hochelaga ;-)

    Bref, shouldn't you add the $6 lunch @ Bistro to your total?

  2. Woops, good call! :p
    Thanks, I'll make the correction!