Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jam session: what to do with yummy hostess gifts

I have an overstock of jam!

My friends are very generous and never come over to dinner empty-handed. That sometimes leads to an overflow of fancy foodie gifts. (Unless it's wine. Wine dissapears very quickly, for some reason.) Currently, my fridge is filled with 5 unopened jars of various jams and fruit butters. I don't often eat sweet things in the morning, so they sit there, unopened. My solution is to make jam sablés called "Bâtonnets suédois" (Sweedish sticks), an old recipe from my childhood. The stains on the pages should be proof enough that I've made that recipe time and time again!

This is the recipe have been making since I was 8!

I usualy make this treat with strawberry jam, but this time I used some lemon marmalade a neighbour gave me as a housearming gift. It came out great!
A good idea to use hostess gifts like this lemon jam: make sablés!
A dusting of powdered sugar
Lemon sablé cookies super close-up!

I bet even Carol Channing could not resist!

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