Friday, October 23, 2009

Fog log: Friday, october 23

First things first. Last night, I opened the Montes Alpha I purchased in Boston.
Cracked open this bottle - quite good!
It was elegant, fruity, with hints of cocoa and just the right amount of oak (and I am not big on oaky wines, usualy). I hope they have some at the SAQ, because I will be buying this again, fo sho.

So on with Friday then.

Yogurt at home
Yogurt at home
I don't know about you, but I am having the hardest time waking up these days because of the never ending darkness, so I often get up late and barely have time for toast. We have free breakfast at Sid Lee, but as you can see from the pictures I took in the last few months, I pretty much never take advantage of it. The free breakfast bar is fantastic, but I like to sleep as much as I can, I live far and it takes me 45 minutes to get to work on a good day where the cat doesn't make a mess I have to clean up just before getting out the door and the bus is on time.

Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet Coke - $1.25

Steak, salad, peas, green beans, potato gratin, lemonade, apple turnover - free from the bistro
Bistro lunch - free at "Midi Formation"
A few times a month, we have "Midi Formation" on fridays a.k.a training lunches. We get a free lunch to be enjoyed while someone gives a conference, a coworker talks about their latest trip or while we watch a Shots DVD. Sweet.

Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet Coke - $1.25

Caramel Rice Krispy treat from the bistro - free
Caramel rice krispy treat from the bistro - free
So effing sweet my teeth almost fell off.

Gin and tonic at home
Gin & tonic at home
I used some frozen lime juice instead of ice. Perfect!

Greasy chinese food - $19 with tip
My favorite chopsticksrice
Dumplings in peanut sauce
general tao chicken

I think the cute owl chopsticks make everything taste better. I bought them in Asakusa on my way to the temple. The tips are ribbed for my pleasure. Grippy!

Money spent on food today: $21.50

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