Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food log: Thursday, October 22

I forgot I had the Cartet egg sandwich in the fridge at work and brought lunch, so I had it for breakfast instead.

Breakfast of champion - $1.25
Egg sandwich from Cartet, Diet Coke - $1.25

Katherine Rollet, our epicurean life blogger on the Tourisme Montreal Web site, gave me a taste of some delicious cheese.
Cheese from Katherine - free
It was super fresh, salty and delicate. I would serve it with a peaches, basil and red onion salad, with a garlic-lemon vinaigrette and some crusty bread. Yummy.

Bento lunch from home. Click on pic for details!
My bento lunch from home

Diet Coke from the vending machines - $1.25
Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
Check out this old school vending machine. Sometimes I think I'm gonna go back in time as I slide a loony in.

Fritos from the vending machine - $1.25
Fritos from the vending machine $1.25
The hot accessory for Fall!

Dinner will be spaghetti and a salad again. I will not have time to update, so you're "going to have to trust me", Jack Bauer-style.

Money spent on food today: $3.75

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