Saturday, October 10, 2009

Food log: Friday, october 9

Helloes. Here is a food log, just for you. Because I love you. Helloes.

Cereals at home
cereals at home

Scrumptious cookie from the batch Ellen made for us, with a big bowl of tea.
Tea from the bistro - free
The worst pear ever
The worst pear ever - free
Tomato soup, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, salad, 
lemonade - $6 from the bistro
Tomato soup, sala, bagel with salmon and cream cheese, lemonade - $6
Cookies from the bistro – free
Cookie from the bistro - free
This was obviously International Cookie Day.

PM Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet Coke $1.25
I am writing this from the car, on the road to Boston. We stopped at a nice mom & pop convenience store that sold all the usual junk food, plus Vermont cheddar and home made baked good.
I spend $6.42

By the way, I am NOT going to adjust the amounts of what I spend on food in the US to the Canadian money rate before adding everything up. Because that’s just too crazy, even for me.

Talk to you later.


OK, it’s later.

The hotel is great, only 5 minutes away from Quincy Market. We got here late, walked around and ended up at some bar I forgot the name of (Vintage something?) where we enjoyed fancy bar food and a free drink, courtesy of the Absolut Boston promo team.

Macaroni with truffled cheese sauce
Kobe beef mini burgers
Bite of Christian's calamari
Free Absolut Boston tea party martini

My cut was $27 with tip.

Money spent on food today: $40.67

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