Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Food log - Monday, October 19

I had a loooong Monday at work, filled with new projects, then a 4-hour board meeting at my bulding, so you'll forgive me for this belated log.

Peanut butter toast 
PB toasts

Spaghetti squash gratin, snow peas, carrots and yogurt from home
Diet Coke from the vending machine #1.25
Spaghetti squash gratin, veggies, yogurt from home, Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
I'm so happy about how my version of this dish. I used feta instead of cottage cheese and baby spinach instead of chard. It's savory and filling.

Pecan fudge from the bistro - free
Pecan fudge from the bistro - free
Decadent! Simply decadent!

crackers while cooking

Tilapia with chile-lime butter, rice with coriander, salad
Tilapia with chili and lime butter, salad

This is a recipe I found on Epicurious and it's damn tasty. Julia Child was right about butter. It's the secret of life. (Until it kills you.)


Post-meeting cheesy toasts with Sheldon
Cheese sandwich at midnight while watching tv after a 4 hours board meeting
4-hour long board meetings make Eve a hungry girl.

Money spent on food today: $1.25

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