Sunday, October 18, 2009

Food log: Sunday, October 18

First, I'd like to add a few things to yesterday's log. I cracked open my bottle of Sazerac and had a bit on ice. It was warm and spicy. Yummy.
Bit of Sazerac on ice
I also made some pumpkin soup. To make it, first I had to kill the pumpkin, roast it and chop up its body.
Killing the pumpkin
making pumpkin soup

I did not take a picture of the soup, so you'll have to wait for me to eat some before seeing it. I made it with the veggie broth I made previously, some onions, cream and curry powder. I froze half and also froze a big bag of roasted pumpkin cubes.

OK, so about today.

Egg and cheese muffin at home
egg sandwich at home
Toasts and milk at home
toast with jelly and milk at home
Corn fritters and veggie again
Crudité and corn fritters
They reheat well in the oven. Crunchy!

I had an IGA delivery ($140 with tip) and stopped at the market for some limes, cereals and fresh herbs ($10.55)

pretzels at home
Absolut Boston tea party martini
Absolut Boston tea party martini
Spaghetti and The Amazing Race
Spaghetti and the Amazing Race
Homemade cookies
Chocolate and peanut butter chips cookies made from scratch
I made these with chocolate chips AND a little bit of peanut butter chips. I feel like I should have grandchildren to feed them to.

Money spent on food today: $150.50

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