Saturday, October 3, 2009

Food log: Saturday, October 3

Today was clean the loft day. I've been too busy to even take the recycling down to the bins so it was much needed. Plus, Mom and Richard (her lovely husband) were coming around for dinner before going to the opera (they are from Quebec City and are crashing at my place). I woke up super early and really famished.

Waffles with honey
Waffles with honey at home

Peanut butter tartine
PB tartine at home

Miniature Joe Louis cake
Miniature Joe Louis cake
Check out those cutie. I bought them for bento lunches, but could not resist eating one right away.

The grocery was delivered around 10am - $173
Bought grocery - $173

Egg sandwich, tomatoes, pickles and Diet Coke
Egg sandwich, tomatoes, pickles, Diet Coke at home
And yes, I have a hamster on my glass and it is awesome.

Pita with tofu spread and Diet Coke
Pita stuffed with tofu spread, Diet Coke at home

Piece of cheese grabbed while cooking
Laughing cow cheese

Richard showed up with some yummy wine, a good cheese and some baguette. I made otsu and a salad.
Wine brought by stepfather Richard
Mom gives the wine a snif test

green salad with wafu dressing

Otsu at home with my parents

They loved the otsu! In fact, they raves about it. It was as good as the last time. I could not get a picture of them where they were not stuffing their faces!
Step-father Richard enjoys his meal!
Mom is enjoying the meal :)

The cheese was delicious, a perfect ending.
Bit of bread with the cheese

Perrier citron was gulped by all before mom and Richard grabbed their coats and zoomed to the opera.
Post-meal Perrier
Now I want to bake a pie to surprise them when they come back!

Money spent on food today: $173

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