Sunday, October 4, 2009

Food log: Sunday, October 4

Woke up late after a weird night of weird dreams, which I won't go into right now, because what is more boring than having to hear about someone else's dreams?

Instead I'll tell you about what I ate today.

It started with my AM Diet Coke, to wake me up from those dreams I won't bore you with. Ok, it involved kayaking away from a bear, but I won't tell you more.
AM Diet Coke at home

My brother came to meet us at the loft then we all went to Les Cabotins, a really kooky restaurant 5 minutes away from my place. Step-dad was treating us all to brunch. Thanks, Richard!

OJ at Les Cabotins
OJ at Les Cabotins
Mom enjoyed hers.
Mom enjoys her OJ

Croissant and cretons at Les Cabotins
Croissant with cretons at les Cabotins

Fruit salad at Les Cabotins
Fruit salad as part of brunch at les Cabotins
Bro was thinking about bacon and wondering why he was getting fruit.
Brother wonders "why am I getting fruit? I want bacon!"

Florentine eggs on vol-au-vent shells with veggies and fruit at Les Cabotins
Egg florentine on a vol-au-vent sheel at Les Cabotins
Bro gave me his delicious baked beans.
Delicious baked beans at Les Cabotins

The coffee refills where served in a Thermos. The salt and pepper shakers were shaped like animals. Kooky, I tells ya!
Tableside thermos if coffee at Les Cabotins
The usual retro knick-knack at Les Cabotins

Brunch at Les Cabotins is $17.

Back home, I made that pie I didn't have time for last night. Since I've been having a Carl Sagan fixation ever since this awesome song  came out, I used this recipe . It. Is. AMAZING.
Carl Sagan's apple pie, times two
Carl Sagan's apple pie
I had a piece right away as well as some cheese tartines and pickles.

Cream cheese and pickle snack

Dinner was BBQ pork with some stir-fried rice, all made at home

BBQ pork with stir-fried rice, at home

And of course, another piece of pie.
Carl Sagan's apple pie
Because it is AMAZING.

Money spent on food today: $0

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