Thursday, October 29, 2009

Food log: Thursday, October 29

Egg sandwich and orange juice - $7.10
Egg sandwich and orange juice from metro d├ępaneur - $7.10

Jessica and I were not feeling the moussaka lunch, so we headed out to our favorite greasy spoon. It's on De la Commune and it's called "Restaurant Restaurant" (or so the sign says). The menu says otherwise, as many of the items are called Ritz this and Ritz that. Pretty funny if you consider what the place looks like.
At "Restaurant Restaurant"
At "Restaurant Restaurant"
At "Restaurant Restaurant"

At "Restaurant Restaurant"
At "Restaurant Restaurant"
The grill is also one of the most ancient (but well kept!) piece of kitchen equipment I have seen in a fast-food restaurant.

Awesoe grill at "Restaurant Restaurant"

I had poutine, a hot-dog and an orange Crush - $6.59
Poutine, hot dog and an orange Crush - $6.59
Tea from the bistro - free
tea from the bistro - free

Diet Coke - $1.25
(no pic)

Banana from the bistro - free
Banana at work - free

Chips, dip, gin & tonic
Chips dip and gin& tonic
I was munching while waiting for the grocery order to come in. But by the time it did, I was full of salt and potatoes and not hungry for dinner. Bleh.

The grocery order was $136 with tip.

Money spent on food today: $150.91

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