Thursday, October 29, 2009

OMG it's a sale!

At work, one of my accounts is the SAQ so I always make notes of upcoming sales in my agenda. And now, it's time to check if my bar is ready for Halloween and the upcoming Holiday seasons, because when you buy two bottles or more at the SAQ this weekend, you'll get 15% off. I know I will go grab a few bottles and take advantage of the sale. I am out of plain vodka and may also buy some Versinthe absinthe. I even shined my special spoon! The ritual is so pretty. You can see it in the movie Dracula.

If you want to try absinthe for the first time, you should check out Sarah B, the inviting bar at the newly renovated Intercontinental Hotel on Saint-Antoine in Montreal. The bar is well-designed and they have many delicious cocktails to drink and yummy nibbles to devour.
At Sarah B absinthe bar - Intercontinental hotel
But the main attraction is the collection of absinthe fountains. Neat!
At Sarah B absinthe bar - Intercontinental hotel

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