Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food log: Thursday, September 1

This was a totally exciting and hectic day. I'm working on a big presentation for tomorrow and am too busy to breath. I moved to a new office. We had our monthly meeting in an secret location that turned out to be the future space of more awesome Sid Lee ateliers. I missed aquagym because I had to work late, got home an hour ago and I'm writing this under the influence of a stiff Cuba Libre. Yippee! (hic!)

Hipster blood orange and honey juice and chocolate roll from Cartet - $6
Hipster juice and chocolate roll from Cartet - $6

Tea from the bistro (free)
Tea from the bistro - free

Sandwich, unripe plum, warm soda and dry cookies - free

Free lunch at the monthly meeting at work
This was the lunch at the monthly meeting. The lunch was not exciting, but the meeting sure was!

Cookies and apple from the bistro - free
Diet Coke - $1.25
Cookies and an apple from the bistro Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
My lamp fell on my soda as I was taking this pic. I was laughing too hard to start over.

Cuba Libre and chips
Chips and cuba libre at home
Chips cost $2.99

Leftover pizza - ate half, froze the rest
Leftover pizza at home

Money spent on food today: $10.24

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