Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, september 30

So busy. Must eat. Must log. Must sleep.

Juice and pear from the bistro (free)
Cheese bagel from Pasta Café ($2.60)
Juice and pear from the bistro (free); Cheese bagel from Pasta Café ($2.60)

A piece of brioche bread from Jessica's loot
I got a piece from Jessica's bread from her French mother-in-law's care package
Jessica's belle-maman from Provence keeps sending awesome care packages and she is kind enough to share the goodies with us.

Diet Coke from the vending machine ($1.25)
Diet Coke $1.25

"Easter in September" lunch from the bistro - $6
"easter in september" lunch from the bistro - $6
On Wednesdays at Sid Lee, we have a new tradition. Employees are encouraged to share recipes they love and our chefs prepare them for us all. Today was a traditionnal Easter meal from the grand-mother of a pair of cousins who work with us. They served ham, boiled potatoes, a yummy sauce, green beans, a salad and some sort of monster pink dessert that was way too sweet, yet totally awesome. Just look at it!

Melon and tea from the bistro - free
Tea and melon from the bistro - free
Yay for healthy snacks!

After work, I headed downtown for dinner and opera time with a friend. My brother was singing his first solo!

Diet Coke at Bâton Rouge
Diet Coke at Bâton Rouge

Potato and ribs at Bâton Rouge
Baked potato and ribs at Bâton Rouge

Mint tea at Bâton Rouge
Peppermint tea at Bâton Rouge

Dinner at Bâton Rouge was $36.76

Digestive aids were needed at intermission.
Sparkling water at the opera - $5 with tips

Money spent on food today: $46.61

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