Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Food log: Tuesday, October 6

You are not getting a breakfast pic. So there. Anyway, I had the same thing as yesterday.

I did have a nice cup of tea from the bistro when I got to work.
tea from the bistro - free
It calmed my nerves, as it was getting to be one of those "OMG what is wrong with me, what is wrong with the world, HAAAAA I love you all, bouuhouuhou, let's have some pie I HATE YOU ALL no no just hug me HUG ME! Pie." kind of day. You ladies know what I'm talking about.

Then it was time for a nice lunch.

Lentils, cheese, bread, yogurt, 7up from the bistro (50 cents)
Lentils, cheese, bread and yogourt from home, 7Up from the bistro - 50 cents
And more pie, a gift crom Caroll-Ann who could not finish it as she had drank way to much milk, as usual.
Caroll-Ann loves milk

Caroll-Ann's leftover pie
Oh, Caroll-Ann!

I had some apple pie in the afternoon, brought from home to share with the gals. I took no picture. I felt no shame.

Then I was off to train at the pool with Andréanne for an hour and camed back famished, so I had :
A tofu spread tartine
Tofu tartine while waiting for the food to cook
Broccoli turnovers and corn
Broccoli turnovers and corn at home
Pie and milk
Pie and milk at home
And now it's time to crawl into bed and watch sad stories about kittens with no mommies on TV and cy. (Pie.)

Money spent on food today: fitty cents

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